Voting your choice

It seems funny that voting is suppose to be private and you are the one to make the decision, yet the TV and the telemarketers of the political persuasion seem to think we are not smart enough to vote our choice. Their campaigns are fulled with hatred towards which ever party the represent telling us that this amendment or bill needs to be stopped or passed because the party who wrote it (or is against it) will make us suffer.  I have been getting calls from all over the US telling me this or asking me to take a serve, (neither of which is on the top of my list nor any of their business.)  I will be SO glad when tomorrow is over and no longer having people pushing their ideas on me.


Weird Nature

Most animals know their gender, but my two dogs can’t make up their minds if they are male or female! An now in the bright of day, there is a horned owl in the tree outside my house! I can’t believe that it is out in the day, nor have seen one so close! What an awesome day/sight!

Fountain Pens

I have tried many style pens, but my favorite by far is the fountain pen.  I settled on the Retro 51 Tornado (?) fine nib fountain pen.  It  actually seems to make my hand writing better, or it makes me want to improve my handwriting skills.  I also use it in my art work and Christmas cards. I have several black chrome, two brown/gold and one black cherry chrome.  Sometimes I wonder why more people wouldn’t want to use one for their correspondence or art.

I know the prices are high (ranging from $35.00 – $66.00 depending on the style/color) and you have to buy the cartridges (Which do come in many colors), but for me it is worth the hassle.  I hope more people choose to at least try them out and see if what they do for me.

One rag at a time

Having a problem with depression and social anxiety is not fun.  I tend to run off track when I start projects because they actually to accumulate and expand until they are too overwhelming. I tend to take long periods of time. Once on the medication, it smooths out temperaments and helps me concentrate on what is happening and what I need to do … That isn’t saying it is easy.  I still get distracted easily so both my counselor and my husband both say take one step at a time, so I started cleaning the house, my studio and my collection of books, notebooks and clothing. Today it was the entry way and bathroom. One room, rag, day at a time.

Autumn … One of my favorite times of the year.

Aside from winter with the snow and crisp looking scenery, Autumn has been tied for favorite.  You get the harvests, the changing of the color of the leaves, the crispness of the air and the smells of wood smoke from fireplaces and cook stoves.  It is the time for digging out recipes for stews, cookies, pies and soups. It is a time when some get excited with decorating the house and deciding on a costume for Halloween (Samhain).  This is the time when the carnivals and bake sales take place. These are some of a few of the things I enjoy about this time of year.

Getting things in order

I have so much “Stuff” that I need to get rid of. I actually talked myself into putting another black trash bag of clothes to the thrift shop.  Believe me this puts me out of my comfort zone a LOT! I am sure I have another 5 or 6 to go before I am finished. Then I need to start on the books and crafts.  I plan to put 90% of my books on Ebay and send 1/3 of my craft supplies to the local nursing home and 1/3 to the “live center” who cares for the mentally challenged residence. After that I will go through all the holiday decorations and shred all my note books. Hopefully that will clear a lot of clutter and help me and my own psychological health …

All in a day’s state of mind

You may find this as strange, but I usually love to write. Lately however I have found that that (and other things) overwhelm lately.  I have approx. 15 tubs of clothes and crafts to go through and decide what to get rid of and what to keep. I have a studio that needs to be cleared out of things which should be either in the trailer or my husband’s shop.  We have the house to weatherize for winter and my husband is really sick. So I am trying to downsize without actually overthinking things and getting stuck on the feeling I am throwing away my past.

We are planning (or rather my husband is planning) to plant a trailer or small cabin in the UP.  He is basically saying I need to get rid of EVERYTHING so we have nothing to hold us down. I am a crafter, however and need my supplies and tools not all of which are small.

I also am currently looking for people around the Dakotas who know how to work on Nantucket lightship baskets and are willing to give some lessons in the finer points of that particular art.  Anyway these are my thoughts for today.